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Two Months Old Already! – April 26, 2009

Yesterday was Liam's 2 month "birthday." He is growing up so quickly! Liam will soon be too heavy for the bassinet in Mom & Dad's bedroom, so he will graduate to the crib in his own bedroom. Jenn returned to work last week, and the transition is going better than expected. Her company let her come back part time on a trial basis, which was a big relief. Increased time spent with William is more important than having extra money! Thankfully, Liam has a wonderful sitter to look after him while Jenn (and Brendan) are working!

Stole this photo from Grandpa Thane!

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Swim Team Tryouts! – April 21, 2009

(Sorry about the low quality… this was filmed with the digital camera, not the regular video camera)

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Smiley Boy – April 13, 2009

First Easter – April 13, 2009

First Easter!

Grandma Julianne and Grandpa Martin came to visit on Saturday! They even got a chance to babysit William for the first time while Mom and Dad went grocery shopping. Liam enjoyed he visit from his grandparents visit (and Mom and Dad were very thankful for time to go to the store and not have to worry about a meltdown mid-shopping trip).
Easter was very nice. Liam did great during church and only got a little fussy when he started getting hungry (and had a dirty diaper). Mommy and Daddy ate enough candy, ham, eggs, pierogies and kielbasa to compensate for Liam not having any this year!

Jenn finally caught that beautiful gummy smile on camera!

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Milestones – April 7, 2009

Tummy Time!

Liam is smiling more and more everyday. He normally has periods throughout the day when he'll be smiling like crazy at everything and making all sorts of non-cranky sounds! He has been trying out vowels sounds (focusing mostly on A and O) and will often mimic these sounds when Mom and Dad say them first.
Liam has started another growth spurt, which means for a few days he was eating non-stop (at least it seemed like it was a non-stop). Thankfully, the feeding frenzy would slow down a little at night. Mom needed a break!
We are finally getting the hang of decoding Liam's cries to meet his needs. For a while, it was often a guessing game. He has decided that he hates pacifiers… which can be good and bad. However, when all else fails… it's car ride time.

Sunday will be our first Easter as a family! Don't worry, Mommy and Daddy will eat Liam's share of goodies from the Easter Bunny this year!

Mommy and Liam during one of his smiley cooing sessions

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