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Talky Talkerson – June 29, 2009

Even though he has been up several times a night with very sore gums, William continues to show us a little bit of the happy guy we know and love! (… and so what if it took Super Grover to coax squeals out of him today 🙂

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One Year Later – June 26, 2009

It was one year ago today that Mom and Dad found out they were going to be… well… Mom and Dad!  How our lives have changed in that year – and totally for the better! Now, Liam is 4 months old, and we can't imagine our lives without our little love bug!

Daddy and William had their first overnight without Mommy last weekend and it went very well. Daddy enjoyed some quality father-son bonding time, and has a new appreciation for Mommy's duties.

Liam loves spending time in the front yard looking at the trees and watching the cars go by. He's still trying to sit up on his own and becomes very frustrated that he cannot do so yet. He is also working on getting some teeth, which can be frustrating for everyone… especially when he bites Mommy while nursing! OUCH!!!

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Baby Dedication – June 19, 2009

On June 14th, Liam was dedicated to our Lord at the 11am service in our church (Community Alliance Church in Butler, PA). Pastor Denny did the dedication, which was fitting because he also married Mommy & Daddy in 2006! How time flies! After church we enjoyed a summery lunch with a handful of family members. It was a beautiful day!

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Tummy Time and a surprise Rollover – June 9, 2009

The many faces of William – June 8, 2009

He's just growing up so darn fast! Over the past week or so, William has been reaching many milestones…

-He figured out how to razz, and now does it often
-He has been attempting to sit up on his own
-He found his feet and (they'll surely be in his mouth in no time)
-He played Peek-a-boo with Uncle Matt
-He continues to fine tune is motor skills (grabbing at everything and even playing with Mom's rings on her fingers)

Aside from when he's not feeling well, he normally sleeps 6-7 hours at night!

Tomorrow we will celebrate Daddy's 29th birthday! Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We leave you with the many faces of William…




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