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Summer Weather… FINALLY! – July 16, 2009

We never thought it would be mid-July before we saw some consistent summer weather! Regardless, we are thankful for it, and have been trying to get outside to enjoy it as much as possible. William has been helping Mommy tend to her hanging baskets and potted herbs (although, we think we accidentally killed the cilantro), and enjoys laying in the grass and making silly faces and sounds. He has started to roll from his back to his belly, but can't seem to figure out what to do with with his arms, and gets hung up on one all the time during the roll over. Before we know it, he'll be mobile… then we'll really be in trouble!

What a ham!

Enjoying the summer day

See my tongue? If not, he'll show it to you again… and again…and again…

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4th of July and 4 month Physical – July 6, 2009

Los Wimer on the 4th of July

We celebrated our nation's birthday in State College, PA at Uncle Barry and Aunt Vanessa's house. This was William's first trip to their house and he enjoyed it very much! Next time, we hope to stay long (or even overnight)! The food and company were wonderful, as always!

Liam also had his 4 month physical on July 3rd. He weighed 18lbs 13oz and is 27inches tall! In our pediatrician's words, "he certainly is thriving on breast milk, isn't he?!" Indeed! Liam is very interested in meal time, and is constantly grabbing at what we have on our plates or watching intently as we take bites. We will be introducing some solid foods towards the end of August, and hope to start making most of our own baby food soon thereafter.

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