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Half-Birthday! – August 25, 2009

William is 6 months old today!
Only 6 more until Mom and Dad let him dive into cake!

So far, the solids Liam has tried include pears, avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, carrots and apples. It seems like his favorite, so far, are carrots. Mom is going to make some carrot puree for sure!
He continues to grow like a weed – currently in 12-18 month clothing and size 4 diapers.
(but he generally wears 6-9 month pants – he's built like Daddy for sure)
We will soon find out his height and weight at his 6 month physical.

Liam has found a favorite TV show – Yo Gabba Gabba. To adults, it probably seems like a totally bizarre show, but it's total baby crack! Our favorite episode is "Move" and Mommy already knows the wiggle song. Can't wait until he can dance to the wiggle song with Mom and Dad!

Half-Birthday Breakfast with Mom – homemade pear and banana puree! Yum!!

Tummy Time on the play mats

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Toof! – August 22, 2009

After a very rough night, Mom found that Master William cut his first tooth on August 21st!
We think a second one is following closely behind per the constant drooling and biting!

Teething is hard work!

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In the summer time when the weather is hot… – August 19, 2009

It's times like these when we wish we had a swimming pool!

William is nearly 6 months old! Can you believe it?!
We have started him on some solids, and he LOVES eating like a big boy! So far, everything (aside from rice cereal) is agreeing with his belly. Mom has also started making and freezing purees for Liam! Yummy!
Mom and Dad attended "Auntie" Leigh and "Uncle" Russ' wedding last weekend – it was the first time Liam was away from both of them for the night! Everything went very well, of course. Even though Mom and Dad missed their Sweet Potato, it was nice to get away for a night! Liam did attend the rehearsal and dinner on Friday night, and won over many hearts. He's gonna be such a ladies man!

Liam and Chelsey
(Chelsey stayed the night with us recently)

"I can do it myself, Mommy!"

… and a couple semi-boring videos for your viewing pleasure

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Where did Summer go? – August 2, 2009

I retract my last post stating that we were having Summer weather – it's gone!

William is 5 months old, and continues to grow and change all the time. He has become very interested in our dog, Diablo, and enjoys petting him. Diablo is a good sport… even when Liam's form of petting turns into a fistful of fur! Liam has finally realized that the jumper that we have for him (pictured below) is fun. He now rolls from back to front and front to back, but only when he wants too (AKA, not very often). During tummy time, he gets the legs going and his little bum in the air, but does not know what to do with the arms. Daddy always tells him that he's "spinning his tires." He'll get it eventually, then we are really in trouble!
Unfortunately, our good sleeper has turned into a not-so-good-sleeper. He has been waking every couple hours at night for nearly 5 weeks now, and not just because he's hungry. "It's only temporary" has become Mommy's new mantra. Even though we were planning on waiting until 6 months to introduce solid foods, in an act of desperation, we tried rice cereal before bed for 2 nights in hopes he would sleep better. William loved eating like a big boy, but his belly did not. We stopped the cereal and are waiting a few more weeks to introduce any other solids. Next week, Mommy plans on making some baby food to freeze – probably bananas, pears and avocado! Yum! William also has tried his sippy cup and, with a little help from Daddy, had much success with it! He's growing up too fast!

Trying out the bouncer

Rice cereal! Yum!

Love that gummy smile!

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