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Sick! – September 21, 2009

William came down with his first cold last week and is still recovering. Thank goodness Grandma Beth was home last week because Mommy was also very sick with the flu (No… not H1N1)! Grandma ended up taking care of both Liam and Mommy for two days! Daddy was sick too, but only for a day or two! Lucky guy! We will be very thankful with Liam is back to 100% – then maybe Mommy will get a good night's sleep again so she can get back to 100% too!

Couch Potato!
(On weekday mornings this is the norm. He is often too sleepy to have a blast in his jumper, so he kicks back, and watches his favorite show – Yo Gabba Gabba – while Mommy gets ready)

NOT a posed photo!
I wonder who fell asleep first?

Go Steelers!

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Afternoon at Moraine State Park – September 6, 2009

The boys and Mommy spent the afternoon enjoying Moraine State Park, which is about 20 minutes from Butler.
Diablo finally got a chance to log some swim time, but had to stay on his leash or he would quickly be across the lake after a duck! Luckily, the water gets deep pretty fast. Well, at least deep for a dog!
After swimming, Mom and Dad enjoyed lunch in the shade while Liam played and won over the hearts of everyone who passed by (OK… Diablo won some hearts too). It was a wonderful afternoon!

Playing fetch in Lake Arthur

Post-swim happiness

Mommy and Liam
(and his favorite toy… the pacifier. He loves to play the let-me-see-if-I-can-get-it-in-my-mouth game)

"Take the pedals, Dad! I'll steer!"

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Six Month Physical – September 5, 2009

William had his 6 month physical last week.
He now weighs 21lbs. 6oz. and is 27.5 inches tall!

Over the past week or so, he has cut his 2nd tooth and Liam has also tried peas and pumpkin – and enjoyed both!
He's definitely not a picky eater  (at least not yet)! He is also making lots of "m" sounds and, we think, associating them with the right person! His favorites seem to be "Em," "Emma," "Ma," and "Mom."

Mom has been told she is starting back to full time at work next week, which we're not exactly happy about.
We'll have to make more room for TONS of quality family time on the weekends!

Reading his bedtime book with Daddy

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