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8 months old! – October 25, 2009

Liam was away from Mommy and Daddy for an entire weekend earlier this month! We missed him like crazy, but it was nice to get away to see our good friends, Matt and Kelly, get married outside of Philadelphia! Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs! So honored to be part of your big day!!

We also made a quick trip to Ridgway to see a handful of family and friends. Our trips to Ridgway are always so short – we really need to spend the weekend sometime and make the rounds to see everyone! I would also like to point out that, in Ridgway, you can go out for a sit-down meal and spend $20… including tip. That price even included 2 beers! Where else can you do that? No where. Love those Ridgway prices!
Soon, Liam will have more friends than he knows what to do with! We have 3 sets of friends who are expecting their first child in November! We can't wait to meet the little people, and are SO happy that our friends will now get to experience the same joy we have experienced for the past 8 months!

(Note the Puff stuck in his hair)

Liam is 8 months old today! He now has 4 teeth (at least last time I checked). It seems like he's cutting them left and right – which makes for some crankiness, rough nights, and post-nasal drip. So glad we don't remember teething! It has got to be a horrible experience!
William also is now babbling a lot and focusing on Ma, Ba, Bo, Wa, Wo, Fa… and others. He's working on quite the vocabulary and we're trying to get him to say some "D" sounds, but he's not having it! Sorry, Dad! He also goes into random giggle attacks – usually induced by the dog. For some reason, Diablo is just HYSTERICAL! Liam now claps and waves too! It's sooo cute! We need to get it on video for sure. The waving still needs a little work, but he's now clapping all.the.time.
Liam is still far from interested in crawling. Basically, any time he's on his belly, he flips to his back immediately. He has, however, been very into standing by himself. He has been standing at the coffee table or holding on to Mom's knees (or playing with drawstrings on her sweat pants).
We often wonder if he'll skip the crawling stage all together.

Going shopping with Mom!

You can see 3 of his teefies!
(…and, yes, teefies, is the technical term.
"Toofers" is also acceptable.)

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One of these things is not like the other – October 10, 2009

This is Brendan when he was about the same age as Master William!

And, this is Liam.
(I maintain that Liam is cuter 🙂
Thanks for the photo of Brendan, Grandpa Martin!

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Such a big boy – October 3rd, 2009

Eating some Puffs

The best sound in the world – finally caught on camera!

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Happy October! – October 1, 2009

Our favorite month as arrived!
With the chilly nights, we had to break out the comfy fleece jammies for Liam.
Daddy plans on installing more insulation this month to keep us all nice and warm for the winter months.
Our little boy is seven months old now and is starting to look more like a KID and not a baby!
We wish we could freeze time!
Liam's newest trick is turning on the lamp when we go to change his diaper (it's a touch lamp). He also is obsessed with Diablo. He loooves to watch everything that he's doing, pet him, and torment him. Last weekend, Liam was throwing toys at the dog to get his attention. Poor Diablo – he has no idea what he's in for.

This is the scene in our backyard at least 3-4 nights a week.
Daddy usually takes Liam outside to watch the deer eat their dinner.
We're so lucky to have such a tasty yard!

Twenty-three pounds of love
(he's moving to the big tub VERY soon)

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