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Beating up Daddy – November 27, 2009

Liam really enjoys slapping faces…
Yeah – not the best thing to promote, but it's still hilarious!

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First Thanksgiving… and 9 months old! – November 27, 2009

Master William is 9 months old now! Can you believe it?!
(for those of you keeping track, it's also almost December, which means it's nearly 2010…
and that means a first birthday is just around the corner! Yikes!)

Liam, as always, is the light of our lives. He has cut another tooth (this makes 6 teeth total) and we can see another about to pop through at any time! He is tremendously interested in feeding himself, so we are transitioning him to table foods. This also means, he's starting to eat like a messy toddler! Lucky for us, Diablo helps to keep the floor nice and clean.

We enjoyed Liam's first Thanksgiving as much as he did! We spent the day in State College with family.
He enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, black and green olives, pickles, cranberry sauce, and even some leftover green bean casserole! Yum!!

In other news, Liam's new friend, Eva, was born on November 24th!
Congrats, Cliff and Amanda! We cannot wait to meet her!

Playing with Dad at the hotel

Look at all that food! Thanks, Aunt Vanessa!

Guess who was at the head of the table…

He looks like such a big boy! What happened to my baby?!

Pretending to be puppies?

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Little Drummer Boy – November 19, 2009

This photo was taken on my phone, so it's not the best quality… but you get the idea.
Thanks for the awesome drum, Grandma Julianne!

Liam's new friend, Harper, was born yesterday!
Congrats, Justin and Sara! We couldn't be happier for you!

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When Pigs Fly – November 14, 2009

No need for concern! Liam is doing very well!
He is finished with his medications, energy level is back to normal, and is happy as a pig in mud!

The proof:

(photo taken at while eating dinner on 11/14/09)

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“We’s got the pig flu!” – November 10, 2009

Yes, Liam tested positive for H1N1 yesterday… and also has pneumonia.
And here, I thought I was just being an overly anxious first time mother and sending him to the pediatrician for a common cold! We're so thankful that Dr. Raj could see him yesterday! I guess I should continue to go with my gut feeling! As you can imagine, he is pretty miserable. Liam and I slept in Daddy's recliner last night so his head could be elevated all night (he has a hard time breathing when he's flat on his back).
He's currently taking Tamiflu and Zithromax, and I never thought that I'd have such a wrestling match on my hands when trying to get Liam to take his medication! Apparently, these meds are just not as delicious as Motrin or Tylenol.

Thankfully, I have enough sick time to be off for the rest of the week with Master William.
Please keep the little guy in your thoughts and prayers… and hope Brendan and I don't also get sick!

In other news…
Liam's new friend, Jack, was born this afternoon!
Congrats, Shawn and Maria! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Here are a couple bath time photos and a video.

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Food Fun – November 1, 2009

Liam has been expanding his horizons in the food department. He is always interested in what we have on our plates, and gets angry when he can't try it himself. We have started introducing table foods in addition to the purees that we make for him. So far, the only thing he does not like is asparagus! He has tried chicken, turkey, beef, tortilla, pickles, black olives, vanilla ice cream… and I'm sure there are some other foods that I'm forgetting.
Growing up so fast!

This is Liam's "THIS IS SO YUMMY" face

Yay! Spinach and Potatoes!

And this is his "look-at-all-my teeth" smile
(he now has FIVE! – 3 bottom, 2 on top)

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First Halloween – October 31, 2009

We took Master William trick or treating at the mall this Halloween. He was a little overwhelmed with the kids running all over the place and the loud noises, but he did really well! He even managed to take some of the candy from the stores all by himself (and immediately tried to eat it). Maybe next year, Liam!

Halloween sure is a lot of work, though…

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