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Merry Christmas! – December 23, 2009

2009 as been a wild ride, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.
With William joining us, the love in our household has doubled (maybe even tripled), and we find ourselves feeling more blessed than ever before. We already have the greatest gift we could have ever received – Liam!
There are no words to express how much we adore being parents.
It's so fun to watch him grow, and view the world from a child's eyes!
2010 will be another great adventure (with a 1st birthday just around the corner! Holy crap!)

We wish you the merriest of Christmases!
May peace and love be among your gifts this holiday!

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Santa Claus is coming to town – December 22, 2009

There has been a debate in our household:
Will Liam cry when he visits Santa, or will he be more interested in the beard and hat?

The answer:

Liam is not a fan of Jolly ol' Saint Nick!
(although, it would have made for a much funnier photo if they would have snapped it about
3 seconds later once he REALLY started wailing!!)

Aside from not liking Santa, Master William is a BIG fan of Christmastime.
We let him open a couple gifts early and, as predicted, he loves the paper and bows much more than the actual gifts.
After opening a gift, I placed a bow on Diablo's head – which was HILARIOUS to Liam. Liam proceeded to remove the bow from Diablo's head and, in an attempt to place it back on the dog's head, he realized that beating Diablo in the face with the bow is even more hilarious than just putting it on his head!
Poor Diablo… he gets a lot of grief from Liam, and puts up with all of it.
I think they have some sort of deal worked out – Liam feeds Diablo food from his high chair, and Diablo puts up with all the crap Liam puts him through. Those sly boys.

Liam also cut his 7th tooth last Friday – FINALLY!
He has been working on #7 for a month now! He's like a new person now that he has a little break from teething.
He's not congested, not as whiny, and… I almost don't even want to say it in fear that I'll jinx it…
but he's sleeping really well. He has not slept this well in about 6 months.
There. Now that I said it, he'll be up 73 times tonight.

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