Christmas Day… and 10 months old!

We are officially in the double digits! Liam is 10 months old today.
Time flies when you're having fun!

This morning, I woke up an hour before Liam (maybe this was a gift to Mommy????) . I came downstairs and saw that Santa stopped at our house! Before waking Daddy and Liam, I made sure to enjoy the little bit of quiet time with a cup of coffee and a little National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Santa was very good to Liam, and he had so much fun opening his gifts, but I think Brendan and I had much more fun watching!
After opening gifts from Santa, Grandpa Thane and Grandma Beth had us over for breakfast, and more gift opening. Liam played for about 6 hours straight… then passed out for a few hours. We couldn't believe how long he kept himself occupied with all the new books and toys from Santa and family!

Opening gifts from Santa Claus

Carefully inspecting the new toys

More gifts after breakfast

Yes -  I kept putting the bow on his head… over and over again.

Eating Christmas Eve leftovers!

Not sure what this pose is, but it's adorable nonetheless!

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