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Dog? Book? Gook? – January 25, 2010

Our little man is now 11 months old, and we officially need to baby-proof the house.
No, he's not crawling or walking.
Liam's favorite mode of transportation is scooting around on his rear-end… AKA "The Butt Waddle" in Brendan terms.
He may not be very fast, but he still manages to find everything on the floor than is not a toy (ie. dog hair, random needles from the Christmas tree that we have somehow missed, etc.) It's a talent.
Liam also finally figured out how to pull himself up from sitting to standing. This has only happened a couple times, but I'm sure he'll prove to be a master within a couple days.
Aside from Mama and Dada, "dog" is Liam's first word… and boy does he LOVE to say it! He recently spent the entire grocery shopping trip yelling "dog" over and over again. He also says "book," "go," and, the ever popular, "gook".

Proof that Diablo and Liam have a deal worked out.
(and, no, we don't allow this to happen all the time… Diablo would
weigh 10lbs more than he already does if we let that happen!)

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A Mess of Milestones – January 9, 2010

Since Christmastime, it's like someone flipped a switch and Master William has been a very busy little guy.
He now identifies Brendan as "Dada or "Daddy" and even knows him as Daddy over the phone! Liam also has started dancing, pointing at things that he wants, slowly scooting around the floor on his bum, giving hugs, making kissy faces, shaking his head "no", and is doing some cruising with assistance. About the dancing, Liam really enjoys watching himself dance. If the mood strikes, he'll have you help him stand by holding him under his armpits so he can lean WAY over and see his knees and feet moving.
He has also said "boom" upon falling, and pointed to Diablo and said "Doag."
Of course, both of these things only happened once.  Kids take great joy in making liars out of their parents!

Kissy Faces

A little dancing never hurt anybody!
(the slapping may, though)

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