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1st Birthday Party

Liam had his first birthday party on Saturday February 20th in Mount Washington.
It was a wonderful afternoon surrounded by family and friends… and Liam tolerated it quite well!
Thank you, everyone, for coming to the party!
*If you have photos, please e-mail them to us! Our camera never left Mama's purse that day!*

Opening some gifts
(cousins Zane and Logan helped a lot too… thank goodness!)

Daddy insisted that Liam wore a birthday hat

The next day, he played with all sorts of new toys…

but the best "toy" that he found was new clothes!
He loved to make piles of clothes over and over again, then he started piling them on himself!

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One year old? Really?

February 25, 2009
9lbs  6oz  20 inches


February 25, 2010
28lbs  6oz  30.5inches

The time really flies when you're having fun!
Our baby is now… a TODDLER! How did this happen?!
Liam had his 12 month physical, and he's as healthy as a horse.
He continues to amazes us everyday, and has become a master crawl/scoot-er,
and has even started to venture out of the play room on his own.
(he never has done a "proper" crawl)
Liam is also constantly trying to mimic words that we say.
Some of the newest are "A-bo" for Diablo, "buh-buh" for bye-bye, and he can, quite clearly, say "up" and "out."
Between the crawl/scoot/lunge, and cruising along furniture and walls,
he is very mobile, and quite proud of himself!

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First Haircut!

Liam had his first haircut last week!
We were very impressed with how well he handled it!
(as long as he was occupied, of course)

Good thing Mom brought the purple walrus!

He even received a balloon because he was such a brave little guy!

Now his bedhead isn't nearly as out of control!
(yes, those are Spider Man jammies)

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It’s coming…

That's right. William Allan will be 1 YEAR OLD later this month.

He's talking more and more and we wonder where he learns all these words!
During a recent grocery shopping trip, I learned that he knows how to say "car" as he kept pointing to cars in the parking lot, over and over again, and telling me exactly what they were!
He's really smart… and I'm kind of scared.

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Fun in the Snow – February 6, 2010

We expected some snow, but not nearly this much! It made us feel like kids again!
The total here in Butler is around 2 feet of the white stuff! Thankfully, we never lost power.
We did, however, get to take Liam out for his first snow fun experience!!

Standing in the snow
(OK… more like the snow holding him up)

Sledding with Daddy
(thanks for the sled, Grandma Jul!)

…and with Mommy

All bundled up like Randy from A Christmas Story

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