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Liam Walking and saying “Hi” to the dog

We try and try to get Liam to say "Hi" to humans…
I guess the dog will have to do for now!

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The first few Floridays…

Waiting to board the plane at Pittsburgh International

Being (somewhat) patient while we sat on the plane for
a hour waiting to leave the runway

Once we arrived, we went out to dinner at The Thirsty Marlin
in Palm Harbor, FL (it's become one of our favorites)

We spent one afternoon at The Florida Aquarium in Tampa

Liam learned how to say "duck" very easily

He was in awe of all the things to see

We enjoyed looking at all the sea life..

and birds too!
(note sting ray in the bottom right corner splashing me)

We also had the chance to touch/swat at star fish

There were even cool Liam-sized areas to explore

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First BIG trip!

Our vacation went by all too fast (as most vacations do).
We had beautiful weather for all but 1 day, and we chose to spend the 1 rainy day
at the Florida Aquarium! Overall, we spent a lot of time on the beach, in the pool,
and even got the chance to visit Aunt Ro and Uncle Leo!
Liam has turned into a total beach baby. He could have played all day
in the sand if we would have let him!

Liam is, pretty much, walking. He is getting better and better with each day.
We know he will be walking "full time" very soon. He is also expanding his vocabulary all the time.
While on vacation, Liam learned to say duck, rock and cookie.
Now every bird is a duck, and every food item resembling a cookie is "a cook!"

For various reasons, Liam started attending day care on Monday May 24th, and he absolutely loves it.
He gets along with the other children very well, enjoys circle time with the other kids his age, plays with the toys, likes to give the other children hugs, takes great naps on his very own sleeping bag, and enjoys art projects too!
We could not be happier with our decision to send Liam to day care (or "school" as I like to call it).

A few photos from our Florida vacation:
(will post more soon)


Liam is kissing his new shark toy from Clearwater Beach
(he kisses everything these days)

I miss it already!!

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Leaving on a jet plane…

We are officially on vacation until May 24th!
Tomorrow morning, we fly to Florida where we will be until the 22nd.
This will be our first "big" trip as a family, and we are coming armed with every distraction a toddler could possibly want for the flight. Well, as much as we can fit in a carry-on bag, of course.

Liam has been busy cutting 4 molars at the same time – what a multi-tasker!
He is also thisclose to walking. He takes a few steps, and down he goes. His new found "trick" has resulted in more bumps, bruises, and bloody lips than ever before… but he's a toddler. It's what they do!
Mommy picked up the hippo (below) at a consignment event. You can ride on the hippo,
or use it as a walker. Or, simply sit on it and eat a snack, as Liam has proved!

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Kiss me, I’m 1/8 Irish!

Liam has been giving out kisses for a while now,
but recently realized that he can also give them to himself.

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