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20 months? What does that even mean?

You don’t realize how odd you sound as a parent, until you are talking to a non-parent. When you respond to the “how old” question with an answer like “20 months,” they look at you like you’re an insane person. Yet,  I don’t feel comfortable saying “he’s 1-year-old” because I know the tremendous difference between 12 months, 15 months, and now… 20 months.   I have recently started saying, “Liam will be 2 in February,” when asked the age question. Maybe I don’t look so crazy when I say that?

Regardless, Liam is 20 months old now. Don’t let Liam trick you into thinking he does not talk much, or does not understand everything that you’re saying. The truth is… he does. He is becoming more and more verbal everyday, and picking up quickly on things that he should (or should not) say. He is a little mocking-bird, and we are reminded on a daily basis that we must lead by example 100% of the time… or at least until Liam is sleeping. Physically, Liam is tall… too tall. We refer to him as “Too-Tall Wimer” when he somehow manages to get his hands on something we thought was out of his reach. (Example:  while I was out of the room a few days ago, Liam managed to get his hands on diaper rash cream and started “painting” the entertainment center.) Liam also looooves to climb. On cold or rainy days, we sometimes go to the mall play area to burn off some energy – he hardly needs my help anymore! Last time we were there, Liam only needed help on the “big” slide. So bittersweet.

Check back next week for a big Halloween update! I will leave you with a teaser…


Metrick’s Harvest View Farm

Liam and I enjoyed our visit to Metrick’s farm so much that we went back with DaDa last weekend to show him the farm! Liam was eager to show Brendan the chicken coops, the cows and especially the mini beehive inside the market… and, of course, remind DaDa of all the animal sounds which they make. Harvest View Farm makes the absolute BEST apple cider, so we were sure to pick up a gallon before we left (which is almost gone, by the way).  Mr. Metrick was kind enough to take us on a hayride…

And we finally had a chance to take Liam to the corn maze!

It was one of those perfect fall days that you can only dream about!


Autumn? Awesome!

October has been a busy month, but a VERY fun month as well.  Liam and I spent an overnight in Ridgway. We had a nice visit and enjoyed seeing some family we have not seen in quite some time! Liam and I also ventured off to the fall festival in “downtown” Ridgway. Liam’s favorite part was when we bought cookies and sat on a bench eating them while bobbing our heads to some good music.

We also had lots of fun climbing “Bigfoot” (as my neighborhood friends and I used to call it)


… and playing in the leaves.

Playing in leaves > cookies and music? That’s a tough one…

A Day in the Life of a Toddler

October 14, 2010
Liam started our day a little before before 7AM. I found some clothes for Liam, sliced up an apple for breakfast, and he set up shop in the play room so I could  take care of the morning necessities. (Note how dark it is outside. Too early!!)

We finally left at 8AM.
Our first stop was Grandma and Grandpa’s house… Liam went racing inside.  Grandma Beth watched Liam for a few minutes while I ran a quick errand.

Our next stop was a Moms group meetup – Harvest View Farm. First, Mr. Metrick taught us about apples and bees. I actually learned quite a bit, and Liam was rather well behaved and actually sat down for a few minutes to listen to Mr. Metrick!

They also took us on a hayride. It was a very cool morning (in the 50’s). Liam showed his disgust with the temperature and kept repeating, “it coooooooool,” and shaking his head “no.” (but, of course, refused to keep his hood on his head)

After the hayride, we went inside the farm market to purchase some fresh cider, and headed home. Oh, but look who fell asleep on the long 10-minute ride home…

PERFECT opportunity to take a detour and finally get some much needed coffee.

I was hoping to get back outside after Liam woke up, but it turned out to be a pretty rainy day.

Liam woke up around 1PM, and suggested that I make lunch. He has his favorite, Turkey and Cheese.

I fixed myself some lunch too.

Liam, of course, asked for a “Ca-kuk” (cupcake) after lunch. We shared a homemade pumpkin “cupcake” (muffin, actually), with a little whipped cream on the side. He was thrilled.

After lunch we sang songs, danced, played and read books…

And, of course, screamed, “CHEEEEESE!!!!!!!!” 2 inches away from the camera… over and over again.

I became ambitious, and decided to try to do a 30 minute cardio workout amongst the laundry disaster in our living room. (I’m sorting through stuff to donate, switching seasons, etc.) Liam was sort of OK with this… for about 10 minutes.

Liam did some Halloween crafts…

And proved how talented he is by putting a marker on the end of his finger and holding it very high in the air. Very impressive.

Somehow I missed taking a photo of Daddy coming home, but after he got home, we worked on dinner… homemade pizza!

After dinner, the 3 of us made a trip to TJ Maxx. We went in to buy a winter hat for Daddy, and came out with this…

The good news is that we now have some Christmas gifts taken care of!
By the time 8PM rolled around, Liam was ready to say goodnight and hit the sheets.

… but not before protesting Mommy turning on that sneaky penguin.