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Total Cuteness Overload (Halloween 2010)

Liam has become a BIG fan of Halloween. HUGE! He’s mildly obsessed with jack-o-lanterns and anything that is happy and Halloween related (nothing scary, please).  We had the chance to trick-or-treat not once, not twice, but THREE times! Actually, we could have gone for a 4th time, but we decided to carve pumpkins instead.

Our Halloween adventures began at the outlets in Grove City. We considered this our practice-run as Liam had vetoed his alligator costume time and time again.  It began a little something like this…

But, Liam is no dummy. He saw the other children, and realized that costume = candy.

If you can’t tell, there’s another reptile on the other side of the glass. We wondered what they thought of one another – they just kept staring at each other.  We took the stroller thinking that Liam would not want to walk, but he walked the entire time and was, literally, dragging us from store to store.

Our second place that we went for trick-or-treating was the Clearview Mall.  We only went to 5 stores because the line was tremendous (and Liam isn’t much of a line person).  Still, Liam enjoyed getting some treats, and seeing the other kids.

After the mall, we went to Eat n Park for dessert. I think if Liam could have married the Halloween Smiley Cookie, he would have. Sadly, no photos (because we were laughing way too hard to think to take photos), but Liam would not stop kissing the smiley cookie. He did end up eating it, but he wanted to make sure that the cookie knew how much he appreciated it first.

Our final Halloween adventure was at the Pittsburgh Zoo for ZooBoo! We went with some friends, and met some new friends too (Lily and Kenny)!  Liam spent most of the time in the stroller with his snacks and beverage, but he really enjoyed the animals… and treats.  We even had the chance to meet an elephant (Mom and Dad were more excited than Liam)! It does not get much better!

Hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!