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Holiday Recap

We had a truly wonderful holiday season. Sadly, we made an unscheduled trip to Ridgway to say goodbye  to our beloved Grandma Nashadka (Jenn’s Grandmother) right before Christmas. However, it was a lovely memorial service, and a great time to catch up with family, share memories, and many laughs – just as Grandma would have wanted it!

Christmas Eve was spent in Butler. We enjoyed time with family, and went to a great worship service at church – Liam stayed in the sanctuary for more than half of the service! That’s got to be a record! After church, we ate (way too much) and opened gifts together.

Liam handed out a few gifts, but quickly dove into gifts for himself.

I’m pretty sure this is the moment Liam realized there was a choo-choo inside!

The photo was taken too late in the night – Liam could barely muster a cheese-face.

We spent Christmas morning at home today – it was relaxing and wonderful!

That big dog has quickly become the mandatory animal in Liam’s bed at night.

Liam must have been a really good boy in 2010 – Santa brought a lot of gifts! Liam took his time opening gifts, and wanted to play with every gift as soon as he opened it.

He actually made Mommy open a couple of his gifts from Santa while he watched/played with other toys.

Santa also had time to set up a NEW GeoTrax Choo-Choo in the play room!! Santa knew exactly what to get Liam – a train that can withstand any toddler temper tantrum!

We also enjoyed a big pancake breakfast together.

The breakfast was followed by a much needed bath to wash away the sticky pancake mess.

We had the chance to spend some time in Ridgway with family as well! Liam had the chance to try all the Swedish food his little heart desired! He was not fond of it all, but he did LOVE Grandma’s Pickled Herring (just as his mother has for her entire life). Liam may look like Brendan, but he definitely has his mother’s good taste! 🙂 PROOF! Eating Sil (pickled herring) with Papa!

Gigi is so much fun!

The day after Christmas was spent in Harrison City with the Wimers! We ate (too much… again), and enjoyed some quality time with family. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera on the 26th, so we have no photos! If you took photos, please pass them along to us!

Before I forget to mention it, Liam also got a fantastic tent from Grandpa Martin! The tent has been set up in the living room since Christmas morning! It has become another favorite play area for Liam, and he keeps all his stuffed animals inside! Thanks, Grandpa!