Monthly Archives: August 2011

Preparing to become a big brother is hard work

Well, here we are 2 weeks from the estimated due date – time has gone by VERY quickly this time around. Liam seems to understand that there will be a baby arriving very soon, and he reminds me how giant my belly is at least once a day (in case I had forgotten). He also attempts to show off my bare belly to family, friends and strangers. – you can only imagine my excitement over that! On a cuter note, Liam has taken it upon himself to practice being a big brother with one of his stuffed animals – a seahorse.

Liam makes sure to talk to the baby…

give the baby hugs…

and console the baby when it cries (he has a very good imagination).

If Liam and baby are half as cute together as Liam and baby seahorse, we’ll probably be looking for a new house – this one is about to explode from total cuteness overload.


Playing with shaving cream

Brendan told Liam this was the biggest mess I would ever allow him to make, so he had better enjoy it… and enjoy it we did! Cheap shaving cream and some food coloring makes for a fun time (in the air conditioning)!

Pittsburgh Zoo Camp

We recently went to Zoo Camp, and had a blast! The camp Liam chose was called “Down on the Farm” and we learned all about farming and farm animals. We also sang fun songs, made crafts, and got to meet a snake, a turtle and a very cute bunny! Afterwards, I treated Liam to Dippin Dots and a relaxing train ride – We can’t wait to do zoo camp again next year!

Liam is very serious about the muddy pig mask

Patiently waiting for the train to start chugging.