“That means it’s FALL!”

What a busy and fun fall we have had!

(Liam as Super Why and Ben as a jack-o-lantern wrapped in layers of clothing)

Since our last update, Jenn has returned to work. This has been bittersweet, but we are finally getting into a routine for work days. Liam goes to his school after we take Benson to “baby school” (Liam calls our sitter’s house baby school) just so he can carry Benon’s milk inside to give to Miss Cheryl. What can I say? Liam loves to help in any way possible… even when it’s not helping at all. We work to try to find ways for him to help to keep whining to a minimum. 🙂

Benson is 1 day shy of being 10 weeks old. He weighs 17lbs, is 24.25 in. tall, and is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing (depending on the brand and style of outfit). Yes, he’s a big, happy, beautiful boy and his cheeks look good enough to eat.  Ben has been showing us his precious smile for quite some time, and every now and then we get a preview of what his laugh is going to sound like. It won’t be long before we’re hearing belly laughs! He is also a very chatty little guy – you’ll often catch him talking back and forth with people and objects.

Liam is on the downhill slide to age 3. How is that possible? His vocabulary and acrobatic skills continue to amaze us (he can leap tall buildings in a single bound … if there’s candy at the top). It’s still shocking to us that we can carry on a conversation with him. It was not long ago that Liam was just a little lump of cute, and now, he’s a big boy with ideas all his own. He often demands family sing alongs in the car featuring Bob Marley and/or songs from Yo Gabba Gabba.

If you’re wondering if he’s a “terrible” two-year-old, the answer is NO. Does he take time outs? Yep. Have we left stores carrying him like a sack of potatoes? Many times. Does he scream “NO” when you ask him to do something? At times, yes. Liam is a testing and a temper tantrum throwing 2-year-old, but there’s absolutely nothing terrible about our sweet boy. He’s teaching us as much (if not more) than we are teaching him! (And we have found out the hard way that he listens to every word you say whether you think he is or not – so watch the language. 🙂


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