Benson the Beast

Benson is just shy of 7 months old – HOLY COW! How the time is flying! He is weighing in at 24lbs and is 30 inches tall. He is just… BIG. Perhaps ginormous is a better word. Ben has also been hard at work teething – he has cut FIVE teeth in the last 4 weeks. He started eating some solid foods last month, and is LOVING it. Lately, we have been giving him some food at lunch and around dinner time. He gets downright angry if he’s at the table with us while we are eating and he is not. We have been giving him some purees, but Benson (and the rest of us, actually) are in love with mesh feeders. We stuff it full of some type of fruit or veggie, and Ben takes it from there.

For months I went on and on about how I could not wait until Ben learned how to give out those hilarious baby kisses – you know, the kisses that are an open mouth slobbery mess? Well, Ben has learned, but he has made it more of an assault. He will first grab a fist or two of hair from the back of your head, then come in for the slobbery kiss. The hair grabbing makes it so there is no escape while he drools all over your face. So, consider this fair warning. In the words of Cousin Eddie, “if he does lay into ya, it’s best to just let him finish.”


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