Benson is a month old – ALREADY!

Month 1 – in the books.

(help meeeeeee!)

We can’t say that the first month having 2 kids has been easy – but we do know that it could be way worse. We’re all getting used to the new family dynamics (especially big brother), but overall everything is going well.  Benson is a fantastic little boy, and a great sleeper. I don’t even want to mention the obscene amount of sleep I have been getting – don’t want to make anyone jealous! He’s been giving us social smiles, and Liam gets so excited when he sees Ben smile.

Liam is a fantastic big brother, and he cannot wait until Benson can do more. Benson adores Liam and enjoys watching him play, color, build – anything!

Liam’s verbal skills are pretty amazing. When he tries, he can really string together a big sentence, and loves to tell us about EVERYTHING. He’s quite the chatterbox, and you never know what will come out of his mouth (like when Liam told our neighbor that he squished a dragon, or that his last name is Ashton Kutcher).



Hey! We had a baby!

We’re proud to introduce you to our newest addition:

Benson Maxwell Wimer was born via unplanned c-section on August 24, 2011 at 12:05PM – weighing 10lbs 10oz and measuring 21.5 inches!

We couldn’t be happier with our squishy little guy! Liam enjoyed seeing Ben in the hospital, and demanded that he get a stuffed animal for him as he did not have one yet. Benson also had a gift for Liam for being such a great big brother – a brand new camera! The camera proved to be a lifesaver – it kept Liam occupied for quite some time while he was visiting the hospital. We arrived home on August 27th, and the adjustment period is going as well as it can.

Preparing to become a big brother is hard work

Well, here we are 2 weeks from the estimated due date – time has gone by VERY quickly this time around. Liam seems to understand that there will be a baby arriving very soon, and he reminds me how giant my belly is at least once a day (in case I had forgotten). He also attempts to show off my bare belly to family, friends and strangers. – you can only imagine my excitement over that! On a cuter note, Liam has taken it upon himself to practice being a big brother with one of his stuffed animals – a seahorse.

Liam makes sure to talk to the baby…

give the baby hugs…

and console the baby when it cries (he has a very good imagination).

If Liam and baby are half as cute together as Liam and baby seahorse, we’ll probably be looking for a new house – this one is about to explode from total cuteness overload.

Playing with shaving cream

Brendan told Liam this was the biggest mess I would ever allow him to make, so he had better enjoy it… and enjoy it we did! Cheap shaving cream and some food coloring makes for a fun time (in the air conditioning)!

Pittsburgh Zoo Camp

We recently went to Zoo Camp, and had a blast! The camp Liam chose was called “Down on the Farm” and we learned all about farming and farm animals. We also sang fun songs, made crafts, and got to meet a snake, a turtle and a very cute bunny! Afterwards, I treated Liam to Dippin Dots and a relaxing train ride – We can’t wait to do zoo camp again next year!

Liam is very serious about the muddy pig mask

Patiently waiting for the train to start chugging.

The Big Butler Fair

We went to the Big Butler Fair on July 2nd and had a great time! I think Liam enjoyed the fair much more than going to the zoo because you can get so close to the animals – and even touch and hold some of them! We spent lots of time walking around, looking at old tractors (like Papa’s!), eating, and looking at all the animals. Liam was also very enthusiastic over the cattle judging that was taking place while we were there. We were sure to introduce our son to the joys of funnel cake. In the words of Liam, “Mmmmm – I like Tunnel cakes.” As soon as we left the fair, Liam couldn’t stop talking about what animals he liked, and (most importantly) how he got to dig for potatoes in the 4-H barn with other kids.

(holding a real bunny!)

Summer has arrived!

Yes, I realize it’s been almost 2 months since the last update. I’d like to say they’ll be more frequent, but I don’t like to make promises that may not be able to keep!

We have been enjoying all the beautiful (or hot and semi-miserable at times… depending on who you ask) weather, and spending lots of time outside. Brendan’s company recently rented the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium for their employees and family members. We love going to the zoo, and had lots of fun together seeing the animals, and eating yummy treats that were also provided by Brendan’s company. Liam’s favorite animals at the zoo were the tigers and the Komodo dragons.


We have been in our house for over 5 years now, and I (Jenn) just learned that we have several MASSIVE wild blackberry bushes in our back yard. I guess that shows how often I get down to the far corner of the property! We’re finished with the blackberry harvest (and by we, I mean Brendan and Liam), and have the berries reserved in the freezer until we find a recipe we deem worthy of our delicious blackberries.


We’ve also been enjoying the central air…