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Christmas Day… and 10 months old!

We are officially in the double digits! Liam is 10 months old today.
Time flies when you're having fun!

This morning, I woke up an hour before Liam (maybe this was a gift to Mommy????) . I came downstairs and saw that Santa stopped at our house! Before waking Daddy and Liam, I made sure to enjoy the little bit of quiet time with a cup of coffee and a little National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Santa was very good to Liam, and he had so much fun opening his gifts, but I think Brendan and I had much more fun watching!
After opening gifts from Santa, Grandpa Thane and Grandma Beth had us over for breakfast, and more gift opening. Liam played for about 6 hours straight… then passed out for a few hours. We couldn't believe how long he kept himself occupied with all the new books and toys from Santa and family!

Opening gifts from Santa Claus

Carefully inspecting the new toys

More gifts after breakfast

Yes -  I kept putting the bow on his head… over and over again.

Eating Christmas Eve leftovers!

Not sure what this pose is, but it's adorable nonetheless!

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Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve was spent at Grandpa Thane and Grandma Beth's house. We had tons of food, and Liam indulged in some holiday favorites like ham, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, and carrots. Yum!!
Next year, we will plan better and go to church before dinner – we didn't quite make it there on Christmas Eve.
Regardless, we really enjoyed time spent with our family, and Liam passed out cold on the "long" ride home from Grandma & Grandpa's house (for those that don't know, we live 1.5 miles from them).

Talking to Uncle Mark on Skype
(for the record, both Brendan and Liam had nice sweaters on –
but the house became VERY hot with all the baking going on!)

Obsessed with bows and tissue paper

Showing a new toy to his cousin

Opening a Christmas day outfit (Christmas jammies!)

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Merry Christmas! – December 23, 2009

2009 as been a wild ride, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.
With William joining us, the love in our household has doubled (maybe even tripled), and we find ourselves feeling more blessed than ever before. We already have the greatest gift we could have ever received – Liam!
There are no words to express how much we adore being parents.
It's so fun to watch him grow, and view the world from a child's eyes!
2010 will be another great adventure (with a 1st birthday just around the corner! Holy crap!)

We wish you the merriest of Christmases!
May peace and love be among your gifts this holiday!

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It’s the holiday season… – December 11, 2009

Things have been getting pretty festive around the Wimer household!
It took us a bit longer to get everything out this year, but we are fully decorated inside and out!
Master William's personalized stocking should be arriving soon – just in time for Santa!

We've been telling Liam about Christmas and how much fun it's going to be. I'm not sure if he believes us or not.
He loves the Christmas tree – and how could you not? Although, I will say that he does seem to prefer Grandpa Thane's Christmas tree to ours. Maybe because it's twice the size?
Speaking of the Christmas tree… it's December 11th, and Diablo has destroyed only 1 ornament!
So far, so good! I guess???

Checking out Grandpa Thane and Grandma Beth's tree

"Helping" Mom wrap gifts

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First Thanksgiving… and 9 months old! – November 27, 2009

Master William is 9 months old now! Can you believe it?!
(for those of you keeping track, it's also almost December, which means it's nearly 2010…
and that means a first birthday is just around the corner! Yikes!)

Liam, as always, is the light of our lives. He has cut another tooth (this makes 6 teeth total) and we can see another about to pop through at any time! He is tremendously interested in feeding himself, so we are transitioning him to table foods. This also means, he's starting to eat like a messy toddler! Lucky for us, Diablo helps to keep the floor nice and clean.

We enjoyed Liam's first Thanksgiving as much as he did! We spent the day in State College with family.
He enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, black and green olives, pickles, cranberry sauce, and even some leftover green bean casserole! Yum!!

In other news, Liam's new friend, Eva, was born on November 24th!
Congrats, Cliff and Amanda! We cannot wait to meet her!

Playing with Dad at the hotel

Look at all that food! Thanks, Aunt Vanessa!

Guess who was at the head of the table…

He looks like such a big boy! What happened to my baby?!

Pretending to be puppies?

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First Halloween – October 31, 2009

We took Master William trick or treating at the mall this Halloween. He was a little overwhelmed with the kids running all over the place and the loud noises, but he did really well! He even managed to take some of the candy from the stores all by himself (and immediately tried to eat it). Maybe next year, Liam!

Halloween sure is a lot of work, though…

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