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We like to get messy

Whew, it's been a hot summer!
When we play outside, we usually try to go in the mornings before it becomes too unbearable!
Liam loves anything messy, so outside is a very good place to play!

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Our son, the nudist

After a bath, Liam likes to run wild around the house – only once did he leave a trail of turds behind him.

Climbing onto the futon

Running around with he garage and cars

All that nudity can be tiring, though!

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The Walk for Autism

We recently participated in The Walk for Autism in Pittsburgh, which was a great event for kids.
There were all sorts of free snacks, things to do, and we even met the Nittany Lion!

Enjoying a Smiley Cookie donated by Eat n Park before the walk started.

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Father’s Day at the Pittsburgh Zoo

We took Daddy to the Pittsburgh Zoo for Father's Day
(although, I think Liam enjoyed it more than Brendan).
Grandpa Martin and Grandma Julianne also came with us! It was a very hot day,
but we made the most of it, and had a chance to view tons of animals.
Liam's new favorite animal is an elephant, as he got to see one swimming and playing in the water!

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Sweet Summer Time!

Why no recent updates, you ask?
Because we are busy bees!
When we are not working hard, we are playing hard and enjoying
this beautiful summer weather we have been blessed with!

Liam is now 16 months old, and is much more of a kid than a baby!
He weighs 29lbs (95th percentile for his age) and 34 inches tall (off the charts for his age),
and he makes sure he reminds us how tell he really is by getting into everything possible!

This summer is much more fun than last – we have a little boy who likes to get dirty!

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Leaving on a jet plane…

We are officially on vacation until May 24th!
Tomorrow morning, we fly to Florida where we will be until the 22nd.
This will be our first "big" trip as a family, and we are coming armed with every distraction a toddler could possibly want for the flight. Well, as much as we can fit in a carry-on bag, of course.

Liam has been busy cutting 4 molars at the same time – what a multi-tasker!
He is also thisclose to walking. He takes a few steps, and down he goes. His new found "trick" has resulted in more bumps, bruises, and bloody lips than ever before… but he's a toddler. It's what they do!
Mommy picked up the hippo (below) at a consignment event. You can ride on the hippo,
or use it as a walker. Or, simply sit on it and eat a snack, as Liam has proved!

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I scream, you scream, but we cry when the ice cream is gone!

Liam has had ice cream in the past, but this was the first time he was
allowed to have his very own big boy cone!

After he got used to the temp of the ice cream, he was quite
please with himself that he could eat it so well all by himself

When he finished the last bit of the cone, he cried and cried.
Brendan consoled him with a hug and said,
"it's okay, Liam… I cry when the ice cream is gone too"

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