Wow… long time no update!

Over a year since the last update. Wow. I can’t even being to go over what has gone on since the last update (whoops!). Sorry about that!

Summer is upon us, and we are trying to be outside as much as possible!

Liam 4 years old now and love to swim. LOVES IT. He completed 2 sessions of swim lessons during the winter and spring, and is becoming pretty confident in the pool. Benson enjoys the pool as long as you are holding him. I’m sure by the end of summer Ben will enjoy the pool a bit more.

Speaking of Benson, he will be 2 years old In August! He is becoming more and more verbal every day. He even recently started yelling for “Brendan” in the morning rather that “Daddy.” He totally loves his big brother and, much to Liam’s dismay, wants to do everything that Liam is doing. He wouldn’t be the little brother if he didn’t irritate the big brother, right?

Uncle Mark is getting married in Colorado this summer, and we are SO looking forward to our trip to the Centennial State! This will be Benson’s first time flying, but he is sure to enjoy it. Liam is really looking forward to flying on “Really big airplanes.”

I’m going to make an effort to start updating once a month! Let’s see if I can make it happen! 🙂


Benson the Beast

Benson is just shy of 7 months old – HOLY COW! How the time is flying! He is weighing in at 24lbs and is 30 inches tall. He is just… BIG. Perhaps ginormous is a better word. Ben has also been hard at work teething – he has cut FIVE teeth in the last 4 weeks. He started eating some solid foods last month, and is LOVING it. Lately, we have been giving him some food at lunch and around dinner time. He gets downright angry if he’s at the table with us while we are eating and he is not. We have been giving him some purees, but Benson (and the rest of us, actually) are in love with mesh feeders. We stuff it full of some type of fruit or veggie, and Ben takes it from there.

For months I went on and on about how I could not wait until Ben learned how to give out those hilarious baby kisses – you know, the kisses that are an open mouth slobbery mess? Well, Ben has learned, but he has made it more of an assault. He will first grab a fist or two of hair from the back of your head, then come in for the slobbery kiss. The hair grabbing makes it so there is no escape while he drools all over your face. So, consider this fair warning. In the words of Cousin Eddie, “if he does lay into ya, it’s best to just let him finish.”

Another birthday!

Liam turned 3 years old on February 25th. You read that correctly – THREE. I’m not sure where the time has gone either.  On his birthday, he woke up to a decorated bedroom and house downstairs – what a thrill! We had a small party with close family, and also a “Friends Party” at a local indoor play area. Liam had a great time playing with his friends and, of course, eating pizza and cupcakes!

What is Liam into these days? Running, jumping, learning letters and numbers, drawing, and SPIDER-MAN. Rarely does a day go by that we are not reminded of his Spider-Man-like qualities, and Liam does not just pretend to be Spider-Man… he IS Spider-Man. And when he does not have clean Spider-Man underwear, it can be kind of a problem! (This does not mean any of you should  feed into the Spider-Man mania. We have plenty of Spider-Man stuff, thankyouverymuch.)

Liam is also an incredibly loving big brother. Sometimes he has trouble sharing things,, but normally he is loving on Ben and wanting him to grow bigger so they can play together. Funny, because Mom and Dad want Benson to stay small and immobile for as long as possible.

We’re still alive! I swear!

I recently realized that I have not updated since before Christmas! Yoi! So, for now, I will let photos tell the story of what has been going on in our lives. Stay tuned for a real update in the near(ish) future!

Snow Dog Express

Earlier in December, we took a trip to Schenley, PA to ride the Snow Dog Express at the Kiski Junction Railroad. The train took us to “The North Pole” and back. They had cookies, popcorn and drinks for the kids, and a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales went to a local animal shelter. Everybody wins!

Santa himself was riding on the train, and went around taking the tickets.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

What have we been up to, you ask?  Having FUN enjoying the holiday season, that’s what! Liam is incredibly excited for Christmas this year, and the adults are as well. Benson is happy to look at lights and join in on the family fun.

Benson is 4 months old now, and a super sweet little boy. He has a personality all his own, and absolutely adores his big brother. Ben has been attempting to sit up on his own, and loves to giggle and watch his big brother play.

“That means it’s FALL!”

What a busy and fun fall we have had!

(Liam as Super Why and Ben as a jack-o-lantern wrapped in layers of clothing)

Since our last update, Jenn has returned to work. This has been bittersweet, but we are finally getting into a routine for work days. Liam goes to his school after we take Benson to “baby school” (Liam calls our sitter’s house baby school) just so he can carry Benon’s milk inside to give to Miss Cheryl. What can I say? Liam loves to help in any way possible… even when it’s not helping at all. We work to try to find ways for him to help to keep whining to a minimum. 🙂

Benson is 1 day shy of being 10 weeks old. He weighs 17lbs, is 24.25 in. tall, and is wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing (depending on the brand and style of outfit). Yes, he’s a big, happy, beautiful boy and his cheeks look good enough to eat.  Ben has been showing us his precious smile for quite some time, and every now and then we get a preview of what his laugh is going to sound like. It won’t be long before we’re hearing belly laughs! He is also a very chatty little guy – you’ll often catch him talking back and forth with people and objects.

Liam is on the downhill slide to age 3. How is that possible? His vocabulary and acrobatic skills continue to amaze us (he can leap tall buildings in a single bound … if there’s candy at the top). It’s still shocking to us that we can carry on a conversation with him. It was not long ago that Liam was just a little lump of cute, and now, he’s a big boy with ideas all his own. He often demands family sing alongs in the car featuring Bob Marley and/or songs from Yo Gabba Gabba.

If you’re wondering if he’s a “terrible” two-year-old, the answer is NO. Does he take time outs? Yep. Have we left stores carrying him like a sack of potatoes? Many times. Does he scream “NO” when you ask him to do something? At times, yes. Liam is a testing and a temper tantrum throwing 2-year-old, but there’s absolutely nothing terrible about our sweet boy. He’s teaching us as much (if not more) than we are teaching him! (And we have found out the hard way that he listens to every word you say whether you think he is or not – so watch the language. 🙂